Sweden, Nordens Ark & Smögen – Day 3

The visit to Nordens Ark – a wild life park that works to ensure endangered animals have a future while increasing public awareness of biological diversity.

 Trip to Smögen one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the west coast of Sweden.

Sweden, Uddevalla – Day 2

On Tuesday, students get mixed in different groups and experience the usual lessons at Thorén Innovation School. They take an English class as well as some lessons in programming, VR and robotics.

Meanwhile, teachers educate themselves in how computer technology can be used as a teaching tool. They learn by play to code without knowing that that’s what they’re doing.

In the afternoon, we visit Gustafsberg and take a walk along the beach in Uddevalla.

Sweden, Uddevalla – Day 1

After a long trip north, everyone successfully arrives to Sweden on Sunday evening.

On Monday morning, we walk through the school and do a couple of ice-breaking exercises and start to get to know each other a bit better.

Each participating country does a presentation on their own country as well as their school.

After lunch we take our first Swedish ‘fika’.

Unfortunately, this time the weather is not cold enough for winter sports, therefore, students go bowling in the afternoon.

First meeting in Melilla

Welcome to our website about an Erasmus+ project between Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain and Austria.

Here are some pictures from our very first meeting in Melilla where we planted the first seeds of the project that will take place in the countries mentioned above over the course of the next three years.

Feel free to follow our journey!