Sweden is represented by Thorén Innovation School, Uddevalla

Thoren Innovation School, Uddevalla

Thorén Innovation School is a high school in Uddevalla, Sweden, with about 130 students at the moment.
It offers two programs, both three years long.

  • The Innovation program prepares students to continue studying at university.
  • The electricity and energy program prepares them for their work career.

The school is very modern and colourful and has always ‘innovation’ in mind. The studies focus largely on computer studies, IT, design, e-sport, and so on.

The school is located in Uddevalla – a town with a population of about 35 000 inhabitants, on the beautiful west coast of Sweden, about 80 kilometres north from Gothenburg.

Uddevalla is an old trade town. It first received its town privileges in 1498. At some point in time  it belonged to Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and during its history it was burned down several times, but it has always recovered. Apart from trade, the big source of income was fishing. Since the late 19th century, Uddevalla began to attract new industries and since then Uddevalla has been steadily developing.

You can see more of Uddevalla’s beautiful environment in the following video.

Here comes a short presentation about Sweden.
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