Finland, Helsinki – Day 1

Welcome to Finland

Despite strike at Helsinki -Vantaa airport all the participants were able to land safely by the late Monday evening. 

The Midnight Hobbits

On Tuesday morning we all met at the school canteen. We had coffee and some traditional Finnish sweet bread called ‘pulla’. Then there was a welcoming party at the auditorium. The school band called The Midnight Hobbits was singing about long, hot summer. We also learned facts about Finland. After that we had a tour around the school and got to know each other a little bit. 


The activities started by each country telling about immigration in their school. We saw presentations in which the immigrants were telling about their experiences in moving to a new country. They gave some ideas about what school could do better in helping them to adjust to a new culture and environment.


After lunch the day continued by visiting Haltia, the Finnish nature center in Nuuksio National Park about 30 km from Helsinki. Nature from all over Finland, from southern archipelago up till snowy hills of Lapland and all Finland’s 40 National Parks can be experienced there. We also visited Reindeer park which is the southernmost place in Finland where you can see reindeer. 

Feeding the reindeer

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