Liceum Zamoyski – school policies

Zamoyski School Policies


  • Students are not allowed to eat during lessons.
  • Using mobile phones is forbidden during classes. If necessary, students can look something up on the Internet.
  • You have to wear white outfit during PE classes.


  • At least 50% of attendance is required.
  • Students have to inform their head teachers about their absence via Librus (online register).

Teachers’ attendance management

  • Students are informed via Librus about teachers’ absences.

Relationship with parents

  • Twice a term there is a meeting with parents.
  • Parents can contact teachers via Librus.

Initial tests

  • At the beginning of the first year there are initial languages placements.


  • There are grades from 1 to 6. 1 is the worst and 6 is the best.
  • You have to get at least 50% to pass a test and 60% from languages tests.
  • Your final grade at the end of the semester is based on the weighted average of your grades.

Tackling bullying problems

  • We have support from school psychologist.


  • Tap water is drinkable so students don’t use plastic bottles.
  • We recycle batteries.