Poland, Warsaw – Day 2

Immigration statistics

Today the students were working on summarising the immigration data from all the countries involved in Erasmus+ Project. Based on the data that they have presented the previous day they have created immigration maps which will, after arriving home, hang in Erasmus+ corner of each school.

Immigration maps in the making

This was also the day for the teachers’ team planning of the upcoming visits and the future development of the project.

Later that day we all visited Copernicus Science Centre that kept everyone’s brains activated the whole afternoon.

Welcome to Poland

Today were all the teachers and students from Sweden, Spain, Austria and Finland warmly welcome to beautiful Warsaw by the hosting school Zamoysky Liceum.

The students were getting to know each other, sharing experiences from their own schools, as well as shortly presenting their countries to everybody else.

Thereafter, they continued the day by presenting  each country’s refugee statistics during the last couple of years.

Mario energised for the day

Swedish students presenting their hometown
Representation of Austria at work

In the afternoon everybody enjoyed the guided tour throughout sunny Warsaw’s learning mostly about its historical background and Poland’s struggle during and after the World War II.

First meeting in Melilla

Welcome to our website about an Erasmus+ project between Sweden, Finland, Poland, Spain and Austria.

Here are some pictures from our very first meeting in Melilla where we planted the first seeds of the project that will take place in the countries mentioned above over the course of the next three years.

Feel free to follow our journey!