At every transnational visit the organizing country held a short training course for the teachers focused around the main question on ‘How to engage students and make lessons interesting?’ with inclusion of all students in mind.

HERE is a short summary of all the staff activities.
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HERE is the whole of the Austrian presentation on inclusion, mentioned in the presentation above.
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As a part of the Erasmus+ Project, the visiting students attended local classes in order to see and understand the differences in education in different countries. Some lessons were given even by the visiting teachers. As a result, the students evaluated the clarity and the goals, activities and ICT, discipline, relationship & connection, engagement & motivation and diversity of the used teaching methods, giving the teachers very valuable feedback on what they found most interesting and appropriate in the education process. They also gave their own suggestions on what could be applied in education in their own country.


Students generally appreciate group work with relatable topics, warm and caring approach of the teacher, as well as enthusiasm at the same time. They want to be doing a wider variety of fun and engaging activities, but the instructions need to be clear instructions. The use of ICT is always welcome, as students use technology daily.