Thorén Innovation School – school policies

School policies at Thorén Innovation School – Uddevalla

At our school we don’t have strictly written policies.

We go by ‘the Golden Rule’ which is:

‘The principle of treating others as one’s self would wish to be treated.’

Phones: you would probably not wish to be disturbed by someone’s phone ringing while you’re giving a talk, we keep our phones on silent and ask for permission to leave the classroom in case of emergency. If necessary, the phones can be used to take pictures of the notes on the whiteboard.

Clothes: no rules, we don’t change to slippers at school.

Time: we are all trying to come on time. Sometimes the circumstances don’t allow this (for example when buses and trains are late), but that’s understandable.

Drinking & eating: This is probably the only ‘rule’ that we’re being reminded of if necessary: ‘No food or drinks in the library or the classrooms.’ In short, anywhere where spilling could cause some damage to school material, like books or computers.